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Pest Control & Wildlife Technicians 


Sabre Pest Control are experts in all types of bugs and vermin.

Here we detail some common pests and treatments to eradicate.


National Pest Technicians Association

Guild of Mole Catchers

Holders of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health Certificate and Advanced Diploma in Pest Management.


Rats & Mice


Mice and rats gnaw constantly as their teeth grow throughout their lives. They often turn their destructive instincts to pipe

work and electrical cables causing fires and floods.

Rats and mice can also carry tuberculosis, salmonella, gastro- enteritis, rat bite fever and wiels disease amongst others.

Their droppings and fur can contaminate food preparation surfaces and foodstuffs. Rodents are incontinent

and consequently foul wherever they travel.

Many insurance companies will no longer insure against rodent damage.

Dusts, gels, baits and traps are very effective in controlling an ongoing rodent infestation.

However unless used professionally in conjunction with proofing measures re-infestation may occur.




Pigeons roosting and perching on buildings gives rise to many problems. They introduce a variety of flies and parasites,

whilst also carrying bacteria and viruses, which can be transmitted to humans.

The three most common methods of pest control for pigeons are anti-perching systems. These include netting, the spring

and wire system and spikes. A programme of bird proofing work can significantly reduce the high cost of cleaning

and redecoration minimising the health and safety risk.





Cockroaches cause diseases such as dysentery, gastroenteritis, typhoid and polio. Thy can also cause allergic reactions especially amongst asthma sufferers.

Cockroaches breed at an alarming, hence need to dealt with immediately. Gel baits, dusts and sprays are used by Sabre pest control carry out complete eradication programs



Bed Bugs


Bed-bugs feed on warm-blooded animals. These tiny insects (no more the half a centimetre in length) hide throughout your

home during the day and then feast on your blood at night whilst you’re sleeping.  They inject an anticoagulant to keep your

blood flowing as they suck, along with an anaesthetic agent to keep you from feeling anything.


Spray treatments are the most effective method of eradicating the bed-bug. After treatment all infested items such as

bedding and clothing must be washed at 60 degrees or dry cleaned.




Wasps can be beneficial insects during the spring and early summer as they can reduce garden insect pests. However,

towards the end of the summer they often become aggressive when consuming sweet materials. Nest sizes reach their

peak in late summer, August and September.


Wasps can cause a painful sting and unlike bees, wasps can sting several times. Although itchy, stings are rarely

dangerous. If stung apply some antihistamine or local anaesthetic cream available from your pharmacist.

Some people are allergic to stings and can become very ill. If there is any shortness of breath call an ambulance.



The most effective treatment for wasps is an insecticidal dust to the nest, around and into the entrance.



Sabre Pest Control deal with all pests and vermin. If you problem is not mentioned here please call your local office for helpful advice.

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